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Types of Identity Theft and the Warning Signs

Identity theft has become one of the leading types of cyber-attacks that seriously damages the reputation of the person. Identity thieves use advanced technology to obtain other people’s personal information. Since our personal information is worth a million dollars, there is a great demand for it on the dark web. Criminals can easily become successful in their malicious aims by stealing our identity.

According to CNBC identity theft fraud jumped by 36% in 2021. Our negligence has increased the number of identity theft cases. Most of us do not pay heed to our cyber security, and this gives hackers a chance to hack our devices. Hackers use technology and exploit the vulnerabilities of our devices to steal our data. So, be diligent about your internet usage and understand the types of identity theft so you can take better security measures.

Types of Identity Theft

Following are the different types of identity theft that you should know about.

Credit Identity Theft

This type of theft occurs when the criminal uses your personal information such as birthdate or social security number and requests a new credit card. Since we all love online shopping, we should try to protect our credit card details. The hacker can use your credit card information from the sources you shop from. And within no time, you will lose your finances. The best solution is to avoid giving away your credit card details over the internet and keep monitoring your credit card reports.

Also, only use trusted sources and do not click on usual links as you might end up downloading malware. Always protect your devices using security tools such as firewalls, antivirus, VPN, and so on. Moreover, choose an ISP that offers high-speed internet and security software to enhance your cyber security. To enhance your internet security, we recommend you choose HughesNet. It uses advanced technology to deliver steady and secure internet. It offers excellent packages at the price you can afford. Click here for more information.

Child Identity Theft

Children can easily become victims of identity theft, as they do not have much idea about how to protect their information. Many children do not even realize they have become victims of identity theft, making it easier for hackers to target them. It usually occurs when someone uses a minor child’s personal information, such as their social security number to obtain employment or a credit card.

Criminal Identity Theft

Criminal identity happens when the criminal who is already arrested uses someone else’s name to avoid accountability. They can use your driver’s license or fake credentials to prove that they are innocent. This can cause you trouble because the police might keep your name in their database leading to issues with employers or landlords.

Synthetic Identity Theft

This is a common identity theft as criminals use your personal information such as your house address and social security number to create a fake profile. They can use these details to commit crimes or apply for loans. So, always avoid sharing your personal information on your social media accounts and keep your account private.

Signs of Identity Theft

Some common signs that might indicate identity theft are listed below.

Changes in Your Credit Card

Even a small discrepancy in your bank account summary could be a sign that you are a victim of identity theft. Always monitor your credit card, and if you notice unfamiliar transactions, it is advised to close that account.

Your Bills Go Missing

At times, hackers change the mailing address of the victim which is why you might not receive your bills on time. Criminals intercept your mailbox to obtain personal details for their malicious purpose.

You Receive Calls from Debt Collectors

If the collection agencies start calling you to pay unfamiliar debts, then this is a clear sign that you are a victim of identity theft. So, without wasting time, contact the higher authorities and file a complaint. You can show all your emails and personal records to prove that you did not apply for any loan.

There’s a Warrant for Your Arrest

If someone has used your social security number for any criminal activity, this could lead to an arrest warrant. This is one of the most serious signs as it takes several months to clear your name.

To Conclude

Identity theft is one of the most serious cybercrimes that we need to be careful about. If identity thieves acquire your personal information, you can face serious problems. Therefore, keeping your personal information safe and using all possible security measures to beef up your cybersecurity is better.


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